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About the Cookies We Use

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile phone's browser when you browse websites. By opening your browser's settings, you can navigate to see what cookies are being stored from individual websites. You can do a search to learn how to find this information for your specific browser. Most browsers will have this information in Settings > Site Permissions (or Privacy & Security)> Manage and delete cookies and site data > See all cookies and site data. You can then navigate to the website and expand the information to show all cookies.

The cookies that this site collects are:

    This is google captcha to make sure the user is human and not a bot. It usually expires 2 years after determining that you are human.

    This is cross site request forgery (CSRF) token. It is used to prevent malicious attacks to keep your data safe; it expires 120 minutes after logging on.

  3. blast_off_to_learning_session
    This is a session token, so the browser knows that you're logged in. It expires 120 minutes of non-activity on the browser. If you close the browser and then open the site, within the 120 minutes, you will still be logged on. If you are on a non-private computer, make sure you log off before closing the browser. Without this cookie, our site will not authenticate you, and you will not be able to use your dashboard or web-apps.

  4. blastofftolearningid
    For users who have dashboards with apps (parents, teachers, and students), when you open your dashboard, this cookie will be placed on the browser so our web-apps will use to identify the user. If this is not present, then the web-apps will not find your account and will not function.

  5. blastoffid2
    This cookie is set if a web-app needs to communicate with another web-app. It is used to identify the user, and it expires seconds after being set. If this cookie is not present, then apps will not be able to function correctly.

  6. blastoffrid
    This cookie is set if you used a referral link from an affiliate. It is used to identify the referral site so they can receive their commission. It expires one month after being set.

  7. cookieconsent_status
    This cookie is set if you accepted the use of cookies from the pop-up when the site was first used. It expires one year after being set.

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